WholeHearted Living Institute

It’s time to ditch the stress and burnout and discover the freedom and happiness you desire.

“WholeHearted Living is here to provide you with everything you need to stop existing through life and finally step into freedom.”

Debs Thorpe, Founder

Our Story

The WholeHearted Living Institute was founded by Debs Thorpe with the primary aim to provide resources and support for people who are experiencing stress and/or burnout, and want to find a way out of that dark, heavy place to rediscover their joy, freedom and zest for life.

“When we are locked in that stress cycle and our body is in survival mode, we get into ‘all or nothing’ thinking. We believe that the only way out is radical change, like we need to sell all of our belongings and head to the mountains of Nepal so we can find the answers we seek. But the reality is the changes we need are far more subtle and can begin right where we are, even if that is whilst you are frantically trying to stay afloat in the middle of a storm. 

Think of WHL as the lighthouse illuminating the path, and my team as the lifeboat crew. You still need to get into the boat, but we’ll be there to guide you to a calm sea.”

Providing online and in person events, workshops and programs, as well as resources, transformational coaching, immersive experiences and well-being consultancy for businesses.

Our Values & Beliefs

People Before Profit

We have chosen to become a social enterprise to align with our values of people over profit. We support the community through various avenues including regular donations, bursaries and regular events.

Walk Our Talk

We believe in leading by example through our actions as well as by what we teach. It means that we embody what it means to live a WholeHearted Life in every way.

Inclusive Community

We endeavour to provide an inclusive, safe and non-judgemental space for people to access the support and resources they need.

Qualified & Experienced Educators

Ensuring you have access to highly trained and experienced experts is part of our ethos to ensure that you can go ‘all in’ when working with us knowing that you are in a safe container.

Heart Centred Leadership

In a world that seems to be driven by stress, pressure and busyness, we are proud to lead the way by doing business differently. We are proof that not only living in a heart centred way, but doing business this way too, works.

Our Founder

As a qualified and experienced counsellor, NLP coach, trainer, body work therapist, and shamanic practitioner, Debs has been working in this field for over 18 years. Fascinated by the link between the mind and body, and further deepened by her own ‘dark night of the soul’ experience, Debs uniquely brings together proven and effective techniques from Eastern and Western disciplines to provide a framework for real transformation.

Debs heads up the program here at the institute and loves continually learning and discovering the latest tools and techniques to bring to you.

As an award winning entrepreneur having built a successful and thriving business for the past 11 years, she also knows first hand the needs of business owners, directors and employees.

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