The Heart Of You Video Series

It’s time to discover, reconnect and become all of who you truly are…

“The moment of realisation that your life isn’t what you want, is powerful. What you do next matters.  “

Debs Thorpe, Founder

Welcome to the next step…

I remember my own ‘awakening’ where I reached the point of no longer being able to go on as I was.

I was scared. I didn’t know how to change without everything around me having to change too. And that seemed impossible. After all, I ran my own business, had staff and clients to think about, I had a family to provide and care for. There was a lot anchoring me to where I was. And yet I knew I couldn’t stay there any longer…

This powerful series guides you through the journey to change, even if you feel that isn’t possible for you right now.

It invites you into a sacred space where you can access your own wisdom and courage within.

It’s unlike anything you will have likely done before, but it will bring you to a place of clarity, confidence and peace as well as ignite the way for your journey ahead.

Let’s get started shall we..?

Debs x

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What to expect from this series

Day One- Your Thoughts are not THE Truth

In this first video we delve into exploring your thoughts and beliefs and how they are merely a reflection of your past and how you can free yourself from them to unlock a new future.

Day Two- Your Place of Peace

Being able to disconnect from the external circumstances that are keeping us stuck in a downward cycle is key to reclaiming much needed energy and resources. In this video, I guide you through a simple process to discover your very own inner sanctuary that you can access anytime.

Day Three- Your Body Holds the Key

If you find yourself getting locked in your head and unable to move forward, then today’s video will be a real breakthrough for you. It’s where we access the wisdom held within our body and begin to learn how to use this info to release trapped emotions and gain much needed clarity and confidence.

Day Four- The Snapshot of Your Life

In today’s video we explore every area of our life to release those things holding us back. It’s where we discover the blocks and begin to understand where our focus most needs to be right now. It’s powerful and beautiful, and begins the journey to self-love.

Day Five- Your Dreams and Desires

For most of the time without realising it, we rarely connect with our true dreams and desires, we only admit to those that others expect of us or what we believe is realistic and achieveable. However, the magic is found in connecting with our TRUE desires and that’s what I guide you through in today’s video.

The information taught in this series is invaluable and should be charged at £111 (or more).

However, it’s important to us that everyone has access to this life changing wisdom so that they can take the first step in their WholeHearted Journey. It’s why we offer it for free.

Plus they’ll be some surprise gifts and exclusive goodies for those completing this series

If you’re new to us, welcome! It’s great to connect 🙂

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