Do you feel stuck? Like you know you’re far from being in the best place mentally, emotionally and physically, but just don’t know how to move forward?

Are you done with the endless hamster wheel, trying to survive a life and a job that is slowly eating away at you?

Do you feel things deeply and care so much in a world that seems to go against everything you are at your core, and you don’t know what to do about it?

Kindred Spirit… I Hear You…

And it wasn’t that long ago that I was in the same place as you.

Trying so hard to become who and what I thought I needed to be to thrive in this world. Running my business the way I had been told to, being the hardest worker in the room because that’s what’s required, always going above and beyond for everybody else whilst never doing anything for myself, always trying so hard in all the ways I thought mattered.

And whilst I may have appeared ok and happy to those on the outside, inside I was fighting epic battles.

Those battles would eventually lead me to my own dark night of the soul experience where I had a total breakdown. In that moment of being broken open, the light could penetrate and suddenly every decision, belief and choice that had led me to this place, was illuminated.

I genuinely thought that to change I would need to close my business, sell everything and travel Nepal for a year. I thought that’s what major life transformations were about…

However, the journey I embarked upon required a different journey altogether, one which required me to travel within. To meet, befriend and honour my truest self- my soul, my spirit, my heart.

That was over 6 years ago now and this 12-week immersion is the culmination of everything I have learned from that awakening as well as bringing together the proven techniques to guide you through your very own journey to your soul.

Why is this journey important?

Because our predominant way of being in the West isn’t working. Stress, depression and anxiety disorders are at their highest ever levels.

Where there was once community and trust, fear and separation have become the norm.

And for those who know this isn’t working, but can’t see a way out, who feel they have nowhere to go, who feel like no-one else gets it…

They believe they are the ‘broken’ ones because they just can’t seem to hold it all together.

It’s not you that is broken. The system you are trying to operate in is…

I can’t promise this journey will be easy. It requires us to step into the unknown, to be willing to hear all the parts of ourselves (even the ones we don’t like), to embark on a path of radical self-love and acceptance.

But what I can promise is this:

You will feel the most alive, connected, happy, full of energy, tuned in, then you have ever been in your whole life.

You will experience clarity, confidence and trust in yourself like never before.

You will develop your very own connection to the Universeunlocking immense levels of intuition and magic.

If it all sounds too good to be true, then that’s a sign that you have been living a life less than capable of the one truly meant for you.

Your anxiety, stress, emptiness, longing, self-judgement, sadness- are all signs that you are ready to change and re-connecting with your heart and soul is the only way to find the true freedom and happiness you desire.

My own journey having been in the personal development and well-being industries for over 18 years, has taught me that we can try to tackle each area of our lives individually. E.g. we want to lose weight, so we jump on the latest diet. We want to sort out our physical aches and pains, so we go for a massage. We want to be less stressed, so we try to meditate.

We freaking TRY SO HARD!

And maybe it works for a short time, but nothing lasts, nothing sticks. So we feel like a failure, especially when we look around and compare ourselves to others who seem to be able to get on with life just fine.

I was honestly locked in that cycle for years and it’s where most people are too.

But let me tell you this, it’s not you that’s the failure here, the system is rigged against you and there’s only one way to truly find abundance and happiness in ALL areas of your life, and that’s by connecting and living from your soul…

What You’ll Receive

12 Weeks of Coaching

Each week we’ll come together for a focused power hour of bespoke coaching. This is where we breakthrough the barriers keeping you stuck and guide you into your soul-led journey.

LifeTime Access To Our WholeHearted Living Treasury

This will be your go-to place for instant inspiration, pick-me-up’s and support with every aspect of your soul journey. It’s like the Netflix of Soul and Heart led living.

LifeTime Access To Our Heart & Soul Community

Whilst your path is unique to you, having others alongside you makes a HUGE difference. It’s why we love bringing people together in a community.

Normal Price £3,333     Today’s Investment £1,111

(or 3 payments of £375)


You could stay where you are, keep doing what you’re doing and pin all your hopes to something someday changing…

You could keep trying to ‘make it work’ whilst all the time it’s eating away at you more and more…

You could keep going from therapist to counsellor to energy healer to practitioner and keep going round in circles…

Which all involves thousands of pounds, hundreds of hours and tons of wasted energy…

Or we could tackle all of this in ONE totally transformational program. Which means much less time and energy needed from you and results far quicker!

How Do I Know This Journey Is Right For Me?

Check out this video and if any part of it resonates with you, this journey will be an epic one for you.

And I know that with certainty because I have been in the place you’re standing…

I tried every way possible to get to this place of freedom, fun, happiness and abundance without going inward, without doing the inner work that scared me for so long.

There were points when I felt the hope of change, but nothing stuck, and I’d find myself back in that self-doubting, self-hating, self-questionning state.

Now I’m here having gone through that Journey to Soul, there is nothing in the world that would make me go back– it’s that powerful.

I do get that this can feel scary. It’s totally ok that going to the edge of what you know does bring up some fear. And that’s ok.

I’ve got you.

However, this type of work is not for everyone…

This Is Not For You If…

You’re happy to keep living as you currently are

I mean it’s a struggle and you don’t know how you’ll carry on, but at least you know this place well. You’re not sure that this would work for you anyway.

You’re not prepared to be open

You want change but YOU don’t want to have to change, you believe that everyone else and all other external circumstances are to blame for where you are now.

You are content to keep wasting precious time

You want to be the person who, in five years from now, is still in this same position.

However, if you’re done with the relentless hamster wheel, the pressure if you stop and the constant strain eating away at what little joy and peace you have in your life…

Then this is for you.

Together we will follow the core principles of the WholeHearted Technique whilst ensuring a totally bespoke and unique experience for you…

Weeks 1-4

We use tried and tested practices for connecting you with your heart and soul. By understanding who you truly are and what your true desires are, we can begin to release everything that doesn’t serve you.

These first few weeks are all about connection, re-awakening and releasing.  

Weeks 5-8

Now that you have clarity on what you desire for yourself and your life, we delve into the power of self love and what that means in practice. E.g. setting boundaries, ‘hell yes or hell no’, ditching people pleasing, discovering and learning to use your inner compass

Weeks 9-12

This is all about the practical steps to help you stay connected to your true self and to have the courage to be brave and remain true to yourself. During these weeks, we explore various practices that not only help integrate all of your learnings but help you to embody the teachings too.

This period of practical integration is important to ensure lasting transformation.


Ok, this all sounds great but who are you to help me?

Great question! Allow me to introduce myself…

Here’s the formal bit…

I’m Debs Thorpe, multi-passionate award-winning entrepreneur who has been qualified in working with the mind, body and soul for over 18 years.

Beginning my career as a counsellor, I worked with clients to overcome trauma and PTSD. Fascinated by the link between the mind and the body, I then trained in different bodywork modalities to further facilitate my work with trauma and stress. Still realising that something was missing, I then went on to train as a Shamanic practitioner to place the final piece of the puzzle.

I discovered that just working on mindset isn’t enough. Just working with the body and energy isn’t enough. We need an approach that delivers change on all levels in order to experience true transformation. Hence the development of the WholeHearted Technique.

As well as spending my working life studying and helping others, I have built a multi-award winning six figure business (the traditional way that led to burnout and breakdown) to now running multiple companies with more freedom and success than ever before. Rest in the knowledge that I haven’t just learnt this stuff in a text book, I live and breathe it every day.

And as for the rest of the story…

I always felt different, even as a kid, like an old soul in a young body. I felt deeply, could sense someone else’s pain and emotions, and had an endless curiosity about everything.

But I always felt like I had to be someone different, someone more (sometimes less), in order to be acceptable and fit in. And yet despite all of the trying, I just never seemed to feel at peace. I always felt like a round peg in a square hole.

I was naturally intuitive, daring, always wanting to live at the edge- until eventually I decided it was just easier to sacrifice those parts of me to live in the box. Was I happy? Not really. Was it comfortable? Yes.

But… that call from within wouldn’t go away and after a life lived in the box brought me to my ‘dark night of the soul’ breakdown, I knew I had to return to who I truly was and live a life honouring my heart and soul.

So now you know a bit about me, I promise to be real with you…

There is a reason why so many people settle. They give up on their dreams, they believe in their limitations, they sacrifice their own happiness to ‘keep the peace’ of those around them…

This journey inward scares them.

It feels like opening Pandora’s box and they fear they’ll never be able to close it again. They won’t be able to deal with the outpouring of emotion from years of being locked away and denied.

I get it. It feels too big.

It’s why having a guide on this journey makes such a difference, especially one who has walked that path themselves.

There are lots of things you can get away with Googling to find the answers for, but taking this unknown journey inward, isn’t one of them.

When you start to falter or feel the fear, or start to get overwhelmed, having someone at your side is immeasurable.

It felt powerful and authentic to me and I am still integrating…

I felt the way you introduced me into the space and the surroundings where so conducive to the beautiful resonant experience I had.

I felt really moved by the time we shared and very fortunate to have been held and listened to so intently and carefully. I am really grateful to you and I feel a strong sense of trust in your advice and interpretation, it felt like a sacred and natural journey of real relevance to me.  I feel energised but yet somehow like I have more to do, wanting to be really tuned into my intuition more than ever over the next month, and increasingly so.

This journey I am now on is full of sparkling gems..

Ben, Devon

This is currently running with an in person option for a limited time.

In future this program will be online only


How do I know this will work for me?

Good question, a different way of asking this would be ‘if I am the horse being guided to the water, what would stop me from drinking?’.

It’s 100% natural to have doubts and to question if something is right for you, especially where there is a time and financial commitment involved.

So a good way to approach this is to write down all of your doubts and fears, get them all out onto paper and tackle each one with the question ‘is this ultimately true, all of the time?’

For example;

‘Nothing ever works out for me’ -> ‘Really? Is this ultimately true, that NOTHING in your whole entire life has ever worked out?’

Very often, just seeing your doubts and fears written out in front of you is enough to realise they aren’t true (or relevant). And if you need any help or want to talk anything through, book a free clarity call with me so that we can explore some more together.

What is meant by the term 'soul', is this a religious course?

This course definitely has no religious affliation. I use the term ‘soul’ to refer to the part of ourselves that is constant, that is connected to a higher consciousness, that always knows the answers we seek.

An increasing number of people are feeling disconnected, disillusioned and craving more in a world where the typical answer to work more, do more, consume more, just doesn’t fit.

I believe it’s because what we are craving isn’t going to be filled from anything external, that craving is for greater and deeper connection with our truest selves so that we can live with freedom, happiness and authenticity.

Check out our podcast for more info about this.

What is required of me?

To be fully available for the coaching sessions and bring an open mind and heart in order to experience the true depth of transformation possible for you.

To complete the preparation pack before our time together.

To be honest in your interactions.

To be committed to the program in it’s entirety and complete any extra resources as advised.

This sounds perfect for me, what's the next step?

That’s great! My heart always jumps a beat when someone makes the decision to do the work to change. It’s an amazing thing! You can book your experience directly here. Once you’ve paid, you will receive an email granting you access to your welcome pack, starter videos and other important info.

What are the payment terms?

You can save money and receive an exclusive WholeHearted Living welcome bundle by paying in full. Or you can pay in three easy instalments.

Some Food For Thought…