We are all about empowering you on your journey which is why we provide lots of resources for each step

“We ultimately know deep down that no-one else can walk this journey for us, but having support along the way can mean the difference between giving up or finding the treasure”

Debs Thorpe, Founder

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Wanting to create change but don’t know where to start? Here’s our recommendations for taking the first step:

Heart of You Video Series

This free guided video series invites you to spend just a few minutes each day reflecting and becoming aware of what you need to begin this journey to living from your heart.

It’s a beautiful way to begin reconnecting with your true self and what you deeply desire.

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We believe in empowering through education, hence why we have produced our own downloadable resources:

Downloadable Resources

We are in the process of producing lots of resources that can help support people experiencing a wide range of issues.

Perfect for using by fellow professional counsellors, coaches and therapists to use alongside their client work.

Guided Meditations

One key principle that most people miss when they begin the process of change, is that you need to make the switch from a stressed/survival state to a relaxed/thriving one first.

Guided meditations are a powerful way to do this. Here’s a few core ones to get you started…

You will find lots more in our Treasury which is accessed by purchasing one of our programs.

Relaxing at the Beach

This is the perfect meditation for switching off and feeling the nourishment and rejuvenation of the sunshine and sea…

Drop Into Your Body

Not only is this meditation a powerful one to aid sleep and relaxation, it also begins the process of reconnecting with the immense wisdom held within your body…

The Cave of Discovery

This meditation guides you on a special journey to a hidden cave where you discover everything you need right now…


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