How would it feel to wake up and have total clarity on the next step?

To have that energy of excitement and passion for the day ahead?

To know, beyond any doubt, that you have everything you need to take your life and business to a whole new level of success?

Welcome To Your Own Accountability Cheerleader

Does this sound familiar?

You feel alone in your business.

You are very aware of how the buck stops with you and you feel the pressure mounting daily.

You are there to support everyone else, you are the one that everyone comes to, you are the one who ultimately has to decide everything…

And yet who has your back?

Who do you turn to?

Who is there to celebrate your wins as well as help you breakthrough the crap when it’s needed?

That’s exactly what this program is about

We meet together in person, over the phone or online via zoom for 30 mins each week or 60 mins every fortnight.


It’s always a laser focused session based around what you need and what is going to move the needle forward for yourself and your business.


It’s a pay per month program of support and has no ongoing commitment which means you can dip in and out of this support depending on your own needs.

Who is it for?

This is for you if:

*You feel like you are holding yourself back from your truest potential

*You feel alone and want a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas

*You want help sorting out the chaos into clarity

*You want someone in your corner to cheer you on, help pull you up and celebrate your wins

*You want to be accountable to someone so that you can kiss goodbye to the days and weeks of procrastination.

What You’ll Receive

Tailored Support

From someone who has been a business owner, entrepreneur and coach for over 11 years and understands the journey intimately

Knowledge and Guidance

From a qualified and experienced coach, entrepreneur and well-being expert as well as someone who has built a successful WholeHearted life and business, without the stress and burn out

A Proven Framework

The WholeHearted Living Method which teaches you how to access your own internal guidance system for success

Month By Month Support When You Need It Most


Available in person, over the phone or on Zoom


Choose what suits you best: 30 min sessions weekly or 60 min sessions fortnightly

You will:

*Feel empowered and on fire for your life and business

*Gain a whole new level of clarity, focus and confidence

*See opportunities and ideas which weren’t apparent before

*Develop your own toolkit for success

*Understand the unique blend of mindset, body/soul integration and strategy to take you to the next level

Ok, this all sounds great but who are you to help me?

Great question! Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Debs Thorpe, multi-passionate award-winning entrepreneur who has been qualified in working with the mind, body and soul for over 18 years.

Beginning my career as a counsellor, I worked with clients to overcome trauma and PTSD. Fascinated by the link between the mind and the body, I then trained in different bodywork modalities to further facilitate my work with trauma and stress. Still realising that something was missing, I then went on to train as a Shamanic practitioner to place the final piece of the puzzle.

I discovered that just working on mindset isn’t enough. Just working with the body and energy isn’t enough. We need an approach that delivers change on all levels in order to experience true transformation. Hence the development of the WholeHearted Technique.

As well as spending my working life studying and helping others, I have built a multi-award winning six figure business (the traditional way that led to burnout and breakdown) to now running multiple companies with more freedom and success than ever before. Rest in the knowledge that I haven’t just learnt this stuff in a text book, I live and breathe it every day.

It never fails to astound me (even after all these years) how quickly change happens for my clients due to this unique approach.

So, if you have tried different forms of therapy before and it has only worked to a point, it’s not because you can’t be helped, it’s because you need an approach that works with you on every level.

If you’re longing for the days of feeling free and discovering your ‘sweet spot’ where everything just clicks into place, then this day will provide you with exactly that.


How do I know this will work for me?

Good question, a different way of asking this would be ‘if I am the horse being guided to the water, what would stop me from drinking?’.

It’s 100% natural to have doubts and to question if something is right for you, especially where there is a time and financial commitment involved.

So a good way to approach this is to write down all of your doubts and fears, get them all out onto paper and tackle each one with the question ‘is this ultimately true, all of the time?’

For example;

‘Nothing ever works out for me’ -> ‘Really? Is this ultimately true, that NOTHING in your whole entire life has ever worked out?’

Very often, just seeing your doubts and fears written out in front of you is enough to realise they aren’t true (or relevant). And if you need any help or want to talk anything through, book a free clarity call with me so that we can explore some more together.

What is required of me?

To be fully available for the intensive day and bring an open mind and heart in order to experience the true depth of transformation possible for you.

To complete the preparation pack before our time together.

To be honest in your interactions.

This sounds perfect for me, what's the next step?

That’s great! My heart always jumps a beat when someone makes the decision to do the work to change. It’s an amazing thing! You can book your experience directly here. Once you’ve selected your date and paid, you will receive an email granting you access to your welcome pack, starter videos and other important info.

What are the payment terms?

Once you have paid for your first month upfront, we’ll schedule in your sessions at a time and date that works for us both. All sessions are booked in line with our cancellation policy and refunds cannot be granted. The payment renews each month and can be cancelled any time with immediate effect.

Some Food For Thought…